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100 miles of fiber are in place in Kansas City

In a new Google Fiber blog post, Community Manager Rachel Hack answers a few questions about Google’s fiberoptic installation in Kansas City. The biggest takeaways are that 100 miles have already been hung and the crews are working in both KCMO and KCK. Hopefully we’ll get answers to the “when?”, “how?”, and “how much?” questions soon.

Bump Pay could be the new way to pay off debts

I’ve been a big fan of Square since it was released (and it’s still my favorite mobile vendor payment system), but this new app from Bump could be better for peer-to-peer money transfers. I’ve gone to dinner with people, paid for all of it, and had them pay me with Square before, but Bump Pay looks like an easier, more accessible method. Many more people have iPhones and Paypal accounts than Square scanners.

March 16, 2012
by Tyler Hillsman

SXSW Recap: Brands As Patterns

Presenters: Greg Johnson, Hewlett-Packard; Marc Shillum, Method; Robin Lanahan, Microsoft; Walter Werzowa, Musikvergneugen. SXSW event page. Branding is all about consistency, but can your efforts be too monotonous? In this panel, representatives from HP, Method, Microsoft, and Musikvergneugen debated this question. Previously, they explained, brands … Continue reading