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Lights, Camera…


Last week I wrote about my plans to attend the KC Film Fest. Well, the day is almost here, and I could not be more excited. I have finalized my selections and determined which films and shorts I am most excited to see.

Nailbiter – This film was chosen to be the festival kick-off, and it looks like a thrilling start to the weekend. The premise is a promising one: taking cover from a tornado, a family hides in a farmhouse but discover they are not the only ones there. Directed by local filmmaker Patrick Rea and filmed entirely in Kansas and Missouri, this film should start the festival off right. Check out the movie’s website. I will be seeing Nailbiter at 7:00 Wednesday night at Mainstreet 6.

Love Stalker – Billing itself as an “unromantic comedy”, Love Stalker promises an interesting twist on the traditional rom-com. When a perpetual player unintentionally falls in love and gets a broken heart, he will stop at nothing to get her back. Unfortunately, his efforts seem more and more like stalking. Check out the trailer on the film’s website. I will be seeing Love Stalker at 6:45 on Thursday at Mainstreet 6.

Easy Life (shorts program) – A collection of light-hearted shorts, Easy Life seems like a fun event. A few specific shorts I’m interested in: A Senior Moment (about an elderly woman learning to text), Incest! The Musical (what would happen if HIgh School Musical’s Sharpay and Ryan Evans were romantically involved), and Wana Dubie’s War (about a Missouri man gung-ho about legalizing marijuana – I’ve actually heard of this guy before). I will be seeing Easy Life at 9:10 on Thursday  at Mainstreet 6.

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts – When a tech-geek finds out she’s pregnant, she discovers she is “more interested in ultrasound technology than in what’s being ultra sounded” while her boyfriend is excited. I’m interesting in meeting the characters of this film that will take us on a journey through pregnancy in the modern age. Check out the film’s website. I will be seeing Small, Beautifully Moving Parts at 5:45 on Friday at Mainstreet 6.

CinemaJAZZ (shorts program) – This collection of jazz-themed shorts seems like a lot of fun, and I am very excited for The Collegians, one of the four shorts in this program. It is a story of trumpet player in college during the depression who leads a group of musicians to raise money to save their school. I will be seeing CinemaJAZZ at 7:30 on Friday at Mainstreet 6.

All The Darkness Left (shorts program) – These intensely dark shorts should be a change of pace from the previous items on my schedule. Especially of interest is Rook, a murder mystery that pits a detective against a serial killer. I will be seeing All The Darkness Left at 9:30 on Friday at Mainstreet 6.

Corporate FM – One of the programs I’m most excited about is Corporate FM, a local documentary about the death of traditional radio. Created by a group of Kansas City filmmakers, I’m excited to see KC citizens and familiar locations. (I am also interested in the two short films the feature is packaged with: Clocked In and Randy Parsons: American Luthier.) Check out the Corporate FM site. I will be seeing Corporate FM at 3:45 on Saturday at Ward Parkway 14.

The First Season – In this documentary, a family moves to a defunct dairy farm to raise their children. They deal with hardships and trouble while trying to pursue their dream. Check out the film’s website. I will be seeing The First Season at 6:45 on Saturday at Mainstreet 6.

Dirty Energy – Another documentary, Dirty Energy, promises to show the side of the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill that we haven’t seen. Interviews with Gulf Coast residents show the effects of the spill on the economy and shed some light on one of the largest environmental disasters ever. Check out the Dirty Energy site for more information. I will be seeing Dirty Energy at 8:15 on Saturday at Mainstreet 6.

Small Pond – Kirsten works at Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia, Missouri, and all the college kids are home for the summer. When one of her long-time friends comes to town, the summer becomes a memorable one. Check out the trailer at the film’s site. I will be seeing Small Pond at 12:00 on Sunday at Mainstreet 6.

Dear Chelsey – An inspirational story about one man’s quest to help kids fighting Cancer, this documentary tells the true story of Kevin Kline and how he decided to start running for Chelsea Campbell and others like her. Check out more information here. I will be seeing Dear Chelsea at 2:45 on Sunday at Mainstreet 6.

The Last Frontier – An international entry, The Last Frontier tells the story of missionaries in Mongolia, spreading good in the barren land between Russia and China. I will be seeing The Last Frontier at 4:45 on Sunday at Mainstreet 6.

This weekend should be extremely interesting and I am very excited about seeing all these films. Feel free to join me or see any of the other films being shown. For tickets, check out the KC Film Fest site or show up to the theaters any time this weekend. Hope to see you there!

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