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KC Film Fest kicks off in one week


I’m the kind of guy who gets excited to see the previews at the movie theater. I’m also the kind of guy who never gets to see every movie he wants to. Tonight I was invited to the media preview of the KC Film Fest – basically an hour of previews for short films and features that will be shown during the festival from April 11 to April 15. And I’m extremely excited that I get the chance to watch a good handful of these films.

The festival will kick off next Wednesday night with Nailbiter, a work of local filmmaker Patrick Rea, and continue throughout the weekend. More than 100 short films and full-length features will be shown at the luxurious AMC Mainstreet 6 and AMC Ward Parkway 14 theaters. Tonight I saw previews for more than two dozen of these flicks, and I’m having a hard time choosing which ones I can squeeze into my schedule. The films run the gamut from inspiring (Dear Chelsey) to goofy (Incest! The Musical), educational (Dirty Energy) to terrifying (Predaturs). There are local films like Corporate FM and Small Pond, and foreign films like Grenouille d’Hiver. Tonight I got to sample the buffet, and I’m preparing to gorge myself in a week.

I will be blogging throughout the festival, and I encourage you to join me downtown (or at Ward Parkway). Tickets to single shows (either a feature or a shorts program) are only $10, with Silver Passes (10 shows) going for $80 and Gold Passes (all-you-can-watch) at $120.

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