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Google Fiber details leak before announcement


Just a few hours before the Google Fiber announcement in Kansas City, details of Google’s plans leaked on Reddit. In the Kansas City subreddit, redditor gentlytakemyskull posted a link to a live page on Google’s Fiber site Wednesday night. The page quickly went down, but the same user was able to grab a screenshot, which he shared early Thursday morning.

The screenshot confirms the original poster’s claim that Kansas City residents will be able to pre-register for the service by paying a refundable fee. This fee applies to the user’s first bill. Google has turned this process into a competition between neighborhoods and promises to install Fiber in the neighborhoods with the most pre-registrations first. As an added incentive, the neighborhood with the most pre-registrations will get Fiber provided to a local school for free. The pre-registration contest ends September 9.

None of the other pages on the site were live, according to the original poster.

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